Insider Risk Management Associate Certification


In today’s collaboration era, where your insiders (employees, vendors, contractors) can access company data 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world, the security methods of yesterday to guard data no longer hold up. This course is for all security professionals -- from Analyst to CISO -- who want to learn more about Insider Risk Management and how to move from guard to guide.


This complimentary, 25-minute course by Code42 University will demonstrate how to transform your approach for managing Insider Risk with our 5 step program. Get started now by registering below.

Identify Risk Exposure
Define Risk Tolerance
Prioritize Risk Indicators
Automate Right-Sized Response
Improve Risk Posture
The final element of this course is an exam covering all of the information in the proceeding materials.
After completing the course and achieving a passing score on the exam, an Insider Risk Management Associate certificate of accomplishment and a badge will be awarded.


25 minutes


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