Incydr Workflow (Recorded)


Incydr Workflow is a must attend for security analysts and practitioners using the Code42 Incydr product. This course will give you best practices and tips on using Incydr daily.

This course explores the risk of unauthorized data usage and exfiltration performed by insiders and how Incydr's Insider Risk Indicators (IRIs) can help decrease time to detection and speed up the investigation of security events.

No hands-on labs are available during this recorded course.

This course is also offered as a live, instructor-led training with hands-on labs. For more information, click here.


This course will cover the day-to-day workflow of Incydr. Topics covered include: risk exposure dashboard, user profile, watchlists, reviewing alerts, forensic search, and cases. With these tools, you can detect and investigate where your company’s data is going in an increasingly collaborative environment. In addition to the Incydr product, this training will define insider risk, insider risk indicators, and provide examples of insider threat.


1.2 hours


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